The perfect Silver Diner meal doesn’t exi-

By Chris Atkinson, Cami Corcoran, and Cam Jones

Silver Diner boasts a mile-long menu, offering everything from grain bowls and salmon patties to cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes. With so many options and so much variety, we set out to find the perfect meal at the diner. After tasting 17 dishes and drinks, we left with three full stomachs, a noise complaint and some newfound favorites.


*Guava Ginger Ale, $4.99: One sip of this, and we were transported to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. The guava flavoring was refreshing a bolt of refreshness, and the ginger didn’t overpower the beverage. The blending of the sweet guava and tangy ginger added up to a tasty drink we just couldn’t put down. (10/10)

Hibiscus Lemonade, $3.99 : Though the subtle, tart sweetness of the drink was immediately distinct, it lacked the Guava Ginger Ale’s signature zest, yet paired wonderfully with many of our food options. (9/10)



Soy Vegan Acai Hibiscus Shake, $6.99: Though we almost didn’t order it, this vegan option ended up being berry good. Although it slightly resembled a smoothie or sorbet, the sweetness was a pleasant surprise, and the texture was silky smooth. (9/10)

Campfire Shake, $6.99: Though the chocolate balls added texture and crunch, this ordinary vanilla shake was nothing special. The graham cracker topper definitely added some points, though. (6/10)

Chunky Monkey Shake, $6.99: This shake struggled to balance the weird floating banana pieces with the soggy Oreos and chocolate flavors, making it more of a chunky banana smoothie than a special shake. (4/10)



Avocado Toast with Smoked Salmon, $10.49 : Silver Diner has certainly caught onto the avocado toast trendand didn’t disappoint. The tomato and onion added a nice kick of flavor, yet, the smoked salmon’s lack of freshness made us regret the fish’s extra four dollar tab. (9/10)

Cheese Fries with Bacon, $8.99 : Cheese with french fries and BACON!this was good. But for the additional calories, it wasn’t worth it: the cajun spice on the fries overpowered the rest of the flavors. (7.5/10)

Buffalo Wings, $6.49: The lack of spice didn’t have the kick of a true buffalo wing. It wasn’t anything bad, but our Super Bowl party would’ve been fine without them. (6.5/10)



Eggs Benedict, $12.99: The eggs benedict was a grandslam: the ham was well sliced, the hollandaise sauce rich and creamy and the eggs perfectly cooked. The salted side of potatoes completed the dish. (9/10)

Banana Stuffed French Toast, $10.99: An unhealthy, heavy breakfast option and an underwhelming dessert, the Banana Stuffed French Toast left us full and with a sugar rush after two bites. (7/10)

Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon, $9.99: The pancakes, a diner classic, just didn’t stack up. The pancakes were fluffy and dry, and the colorless eggs were more like airplane food than expert diner cuisine. (5/10)

California Omelet, $12.99: To any omelet lovers out there, stay far, far away. The texture of the omelet was almost soggy, and the chicken tasted microwaved. This is an item we will surely never order again. (1/10)



*Short Rib Burger, $15.99: Hop on the burger express because it’s headed to Flavortown! One word: phenomenal. The salty flavors of the pulled pork, bacon and ribs blended beautifully with the arugula, and the crispy onion strings added a necessary crunch that topped off the burger. (10/10)

Chicken Tender Platter, $13.99: Not fantastic, not terrible: these chicken tenders were pretty standard but lacked the crunchy shell we were craving. (6/10)

Roasted Chicken Pot Pie, $15.99: While the minimal amounts of chicken were tender, this shouldn’t be called a pot pie. A bowl of soup with two crackers and a hidden soggy biscuit would be a better description of this odd concoction. (1/10)



Churro Waffle, $7.99: We thought it was impossible the Churro Waffle could taste as good as it looked– how wrong we were. The cinnamon-speckled waffle paired with the subtle raspberry drizzle was great tasting and aesthetically pleasing. This dish can be for two or even three, and it’s great bang for your buck. (8/10)

Triple Layer Chocolate Cake, $6.49: This triple layer cake could have as easily been baked out of a box. Although it didn’t have an overpowering amount of chocolate and a nice flavor, given the excellent churro waffle we’d have to desert this next time. (6/10)


Overall, Silver Diner may have a plethora of options, but you can’t go wrong with a glass of guava ginger ale, a burger and fries, and a churro waffle.

*Perfect meal