The Black and White

Members of the Anti-Racist Bethesda Coalition and the Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition stand in protest of Moses African Cemetery's demolition. Protests occur on the side of River Road.

Whitman alumni fight for equity, found Anti-Racist Bethesda Coalition

By Rena Van Leeuwen March 19, 2021

With signs in hand and fists held high, Ari Gutman (‘17) and fellow members of the Anti-Racist Bethesda Coalition stand firmly outside of Moses African Cemetery, Bethesda’s historic Black cemetery,...

At the recreational level, playing squash is a very lighthearted experience. Competitive squash, however, is a completely different game, James said.

James Jabara squashes the competition

By Quentin Corpuel February 28, 2021

A rubber ball zips at over 100 miles an hour toward senior James Jabara. He hits a shot back that barely lands between the two out lines on one wall of the giant glass box surrounding the court. His opponent...

A view of Dolcezza's Bethesda Row location, which offers tasty gelato.

Here’s the scoop!

By Jocie Mintz, Sam Mulford, and Sarah Tong February 26, 2021

On the coldest day of the school year yet, the three of us resident ice cream enthusiasts at The Black & White trekked to downtown Bethesda in search of finding the ultimate ice cream treat. In 35-degree...

Ben Payot constructed this open world design over the summer.

Game Development Club offers students an artistic approach to programming

By Andrew Audas February 26, 2021

It’s the Game Development Club’s first meeting of the school year, and the club is holding a competition to see who can create the most realistic-looking donut on Blender, a 3D modeling software used...

‘It takes a village’: Students form learning pods during online school

By Nil Özdemir February 26, 2021

Minutes before the school day begins, sophomore Addy Singer sits with three of her friends at individual folding tables, set six feet apart, in her quiet backyard. They spend the morning chatting about...

Letting go of societal expectations: My eating disorder recovery

By Cate Navarrete February 25, 2021

Content warning: This story contains language that pertains to eating disorders.  The night of my freshman year homecoming, I remember getting dressed with my friends, laughing at my minimal knowledge...

If schools reopen, will students come back?

By Nil Özdemir February 25, 2021

This article was published in print before the February 9 announcement to officially reopen MCPS.  On March 13, Whitman’s halls emptied. The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools around the...

The people, not the pursuit: What makes Whitman activities special

By Felix Leonhardt February 25, 2021

My partner and I had just lost our third consecutive debate round at the Columbia University Invitational, ending any possibility of us advancing to elimination rounds. I was fuming. But as all good friends...

Retired State Department employee Patricia Tyson poses at her home in Lyttonsville, the Silver Spring neighborhood where she's lived for other 70 years. Lyttonsville is one of the few communities in the D.C. area to have never had racially restrictive deed covenants, which excluded minority groups from living in parts of Bethesda and other neighborhoods.

Decades later, institutional segregation lives on in Bethesda

By Lily Freeman February 25, 2021

During Patricia Tyson’s childhood, rainy days helped define her community. To Tyson, a retired State Department employee, the pitter-patter of droplets didn’t mean cozy afternoons, warm blankets or...

Falling back in love with the sport I used to dread: My experience with club soccer

By Cailey Thalman February 25, 2021

I was at the State Cup, arguably one of the most important tournaments of the year. Every one of my teammates was excited to get onto the field, but something felt wrong to me. My heart sped up and my...

The members of Dark Trilobite, (L to R) Evan Solnik, Sammy Rabinowitz, Alfonso Lopez, Max Mendelsohn and Isabella Cymrot, pose on Mendelsohn's car

Dark Trilobite: Whitman’s part-time rockstars

By Kendall Headley February 25, 2021

Junior Evan Solnik sits in a silent Zoom breakout room after finishing his assigned classwork. As his muted classmates engage in other tasks, his gaze falls onto his bass, the strings begging to be strummed....

Staff editorial: Nobody is entitled to ignore the pandemic

Staff editorial: Nobody is entitled to ignore the pandemic

January 13, 2021

It's been close to 300 days since March 13, when MCPS decided to send students home for what we thought would be a two-week break. Nobody expected that short disruption to extend into seven months of remote...

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