Main entrance doorbell breaks, causes security issues


The main entrance doorbell broke Sept. 26. The door is used by many students and all visitors. Security is unsure when the issue will be fixed. Photos by Lukas Troost.

By Lukas Troost

The doorbell outside the main entrance stopped working Tuesday. When visitors pressed the button, no signal was sent to the main office to unlock the front door.

The issue is likely due to the maintenance conducted outside the school that afternoon, Cherisse Milliner, the security team leader, explained. The doorbell is not yet fixed, and the security team was unsure when it would be working again. A security guard is stationed directly at the entrance until the doorbell is fixed, Milliner said.

Using the main entrance is convenient for many students.

“Sometimes I’m too lazy to go around the school, so I just ring the bell,” sophomore Lisa Ota said. “It’s pretty easy because they let you in in a couple seconds.”


This story was updated 10:32 a.m. Sept. 27.