Senior Sports Destinations 2018


Graphic by Selina Ding. Photo by Annabel Redisch.

By Selina Ding

Hover over the graphic to see the athletes, their school and their sport.

Senior sports destinations

Abbi Audas: Boston College, Crew

Jordan Cornelius: Towson University, Golf

Amanda Erdman: Tulane University, Cheer

Haley Garton: Elon University, Cheer

Mary Claire Hisle: Salisbury University, Lacrosse

John Luke Iglesias: University of Maryland, Wrestling

Diego Karns: Marymount University, Lacrosse

Freya Keto: Brown University, Crew

Zara Memon: Wellesley College, Field Hockey

Melika Mohammadi: Emory University, Soccer

Lena Redisch: University of Connecticut, Swim and Dive

Dylan Reid: Bowdoin College, Soccer

Owen Roegge: The Taft School, Lacrosse

Matthew Rones: Macalester College, Baseball


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