Student body elects new SGA executive board

Anjali Jha

By Lily Friedman

Students elected junior Pablo Rothschild as SGA president, junior Elliot Kelly as vice president, sophomore Celia Shapiro and junior Emma Forde as secretaries and sophomore Alex Herrera as treasurer for the 2017-2018 school year. Voting took place on Google Forms April 26 after students watched candidate speeches April 25.

“I’m very honored to be student body president next year,” Rothschild said. “I’m also really excited to hear all of the student voices and use all of the ideas I campaigned on to make the leadership class more inclusive to the entire grade, make school events cheaper, get student art up in the building and generally just make Whitman the best it can be.”

This year, Whitman constitution’s newly passed election transparency act prohibited the SGA from viewing election results before they announced them Thursday during second period. Fourth period delegates voted on the amendment at a meeting Jan. 11.

The SGA thinks the election went well, but can still be improved for next year, sponsor Laurie Safran said.

“As far as timing and spacing, we may make some changes to voting next year,” Safran said. “We may rearrange the order of voting and may split when grade levels vote, but overall, elections ran very smoothly.”