Photo of the Day, May 23: Open mic courtyard event


Zachary Jaffe

Students and teachers listen to a performance at an open mic event in the courtyard during lunch.

By Zachary Jaffe

On May 23, students and teachers listened to and performed at an open mic event in the courtyard during lunch. Whitman’s literary arts magazine, The Eidolon, sponsored the event.

Teachers and students across grade levels came to play on the keyboard, sing original songs and perform stand-up comedy.

Junior Pearl Rehm enjoyed the variety of performances and believes open mics are a perfect chance for students to share their talent with others.

“I think there were amazing performances,“ Rehm said. “And I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone in the Whitman community to show their music because anyone can sign up.”

The event was the result of rigorous planning by AP Language and Composition teacher Joanna Pappafotis and junior Yaela Teplinsky. Pappafotis, who formerly taught at Einstein High School, hopes to bring the Einstein open mic and coffee house fundraising tradition to the Whitman community and eventually solidify it as a part of Whitman culture.

“Even if it’s not a fundraiser, we just hope to grow into monthly coffee houses so people have an opportunity to express themselves and build a community where everyone is supporting each other,” Pappafotis said.

Yaela Teplinsky is a news writer for The Black & White.