Girls basketball crushes Wheaton 69–14 on senior night

By Ellen Ford

The girls basketball team (12–9) defeated the Wheaton Knights 69–14 (1–13) on Friday night. The Vikes played lockdown defense and dominated the Knights in all aspects of the game. 

Right from the opening tipoff, it was obvious the Vikes were going to obliterate the Knights. Although they missed a few early shots, the Vikes offense found their groove a few minutes in and held a 22–0 lead at the end of the first quarter. To begin the second quarter, junior Sofia Cruz knocked down a pair of three-pointers to continue the scoring. The Knights defense was unable to keep up with the Vikes rhythm of play, resulting in five fouls against the Knights. Both Cruz and junior Caroline Reichart converted on their trips to the charity stripe. The Knights finally got some points on the board with back to back free throws. The Vikes closed out the first half with an outstanding 44–7 lead. 

After a dominant first half, the Vikes toned down their pace of play for the final two quarters of the regular season. Senior Cameron Freund finished off a layup from a long pass by junior Caroline Cook early in the half. Shortly after, Cook cashed in a three-pointer from the corner. The Knights play began to pick up a bit but the Vikes defense continued to be a brick wall and allowed the Knights very few looks at the rim. The fourth quarter was a similar story, with the Vikes playing relaxed and more defensive-minded. As a result, the Knights were only able to put up three points in the entire quarter. When the final buzzer sounded, the Vikes came out victorious with a score of 69–14. 

The Vikes will face the Richard Montgomery Rockets (15–6) on Friday night at 7:15 pm in the regional quarterfinals.