Boys basketball falls to B-CC in second round of playoffs 60–53

By Alex Weinstein

The Vikes (13–9) were eliminated from the playoffs by the B-CC Barons (12–2) in a hard-fought rivalry showdown on Monday night. Although the Vikes were the clear underdogs, they played their hearts out and left it all on the floor, keeping the Barons honest from opening tip-off to the final buzzer.

The Vikes jumped out to an early lead, winning the first half 26–18. Things seemed to be going right for the Vikes. Throughout the first half, the Vikes were diving for loose balls, causing turnovers, and making big plays that displayed the type of team that they’ve become. 

Unfortunately, the Barons came back after halftime and took the lead by the end of the third quarter. In the final minutes of the game, the two teams were trading baskets, but B-CC used their size and physicality to keep a slight lead. They were up by between one and four points for the majority of the fourth quarter, until they finally pulled away with some threes and free throws in the last couple minutes to eventually win the game 60–53.

Senior guards Andrew Sanson and Michael Ward weren’t quite ready to let their high school basketball careers come to a close, scoring 13 and 18 points respectively. Sanson shot 75% from behind the three point arc and had several hustle plays that, while not appearing in the stat sheet, made huge impacts on the dynamic of the game. Ward recorded a double-double with 10 rebounds, and he added four assists and three steals.

The game also showcased the younger talent that the Vikes have in store for future seasons. While it’s unfortunate the season ended like this, Whitman hoops fans have much to look forward to and much to be proud of. The community is endlessly grateful for our seniors, and the team as a whole. Despite the loss, one question remains unanswered: What is a Baron?