Promising Knicks, Potential Pacers Blowup and Jerami Grant Sweepstakes | The B&W Sports Podcast

By Quentin Corpuel

Online managing editor Quentin Corpuel is joined by his cousin Morgan Corpuel to discuss a laundry list of NBA topics, starting with the Wolves-Knicks contest on Tuesday night. They break down Julius Randle’s increased effort, the return of 2020-21 vibes with New York, whether Evan Fournier’s contract has been worth it, RJ Barrett’s development, Anthony Edwards’ potential superstardom and more. Then, with trade deadline season in full swing, the two discuss one of the more likely sellers in the Indiana Pacers. They elaborate on why Indiana should restart as well as breaking down the best fits for Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis. They then examine which teams should be pushing the hardest to trade for Jerami Grant, with Quentin giving a passionate case for the Jazz and Bulls to pull the trigger before concluding with some Ben Simmons talk.

Link here to listen.