Week 18 Reactions, Non-Playoff Team Memorial and NBA Talk | The B&W Sports Podcast

By Quentin Corpuel and Will Vander Wal

Online managing editor Quentin Corpuel shares his thoughts on why depth is so vital to success in the NBA this season (00:03). Then, Corpuel is joined by B&W business member Will Vander Wal to debrief a wild, climactic Week 18 of the NFL season. They discuss the nearly improbable ending to Chargers-Raiders, the Colts meltdown in Jacksonville, Niners-Rams and preview some Wild Card matchups (19:52). Then, they hold a memorial service for every team that missed the playoffs this season, saying farewell to every eliminated team from the up-and-coming Lions to the unbelievably sad Giants to the never-say-die Ravens (58:33).

Link here to listen.