Dry as a desert: football goes scoreless against Seneca Valley 52–0


By Alex Weinstein

The football team (04) couldn’t put a win on the board in another packed Friday night game. The Vikes were shut out by the The Seneca Valley Eagles (31), displaying a desperate offensive performance. Despite the festive wild west theme that the crowd enthusiastically rocked, the team couldn’t roll.

The offensive put on a typical performance, converting only a handful of first downs.

The defense, however, played one of their best games of the season, making many stops against a star-studded Seneca Valley team. Linebackers Logan Kinsemeyer and Henry Sowells made many difficult plays to contain the Eagle’s offense. Kinsemeyer made an athletic interception, and Sowells recovered a muffed punt to get possession for the Vikes. Despite these efforts, Seneca Valley was clearly the more physical team; the Vikings had a hard time tackling their bigger players. 

Next Friday, the Vikings travel to Rockville to challenge Richard Montgomery at 6:30 p.m.