MCPS school buildings closed today due to inclement weather

By Lily Freeman

MCPS closed all of its school buildings today due to an accumulation of ice and snow on county roads. Daycare, meal services and other in-person ventures based in MCPS schools will not take place. 

The school district tweeted the information at 5:01 a.m., adding that “MCPS will continue to closely monitor weather conditions and will provide an update if necessary.”

Montgomery County has received 3.3 inches of snow since yesterday morning, according to FOX 5 DC. Despite the icy conditions, MCPS opened its offices on time. If the school system had closed their buildings, officials would have cancelled online classes for the day, per recent modifications to MCPS’ guidelines for inclement weather during virtual learning.

“As we move forward and face the threat of additional inclement weather in the days to come, we have a plan in place to make decisions as we would if students were in buildings,” said MCPS Director of Communications Gboyinde Onijala. “If there’s further inclement weather into tonight, we will make a decision about those services by tomorrow.”

Social studies teacher Wendy Eagan typically drives to Whitman and conducts her online classes from the school’s library, where she keeps textbooks, files and other educational materials. However, due to the building closure, Eagan is stuck teaching at home.

“It’s a little frustrating for me, because I have everything I need at school,” Eagan said. “I can’t keep all that stuff in my house.”

Eagan noted that a day off could have helped alleviate the toll that virtual learning has taken on a number of students.

“You kids have been living under coronavirus,” she said. “I don’t think it would hurt the school system to give you a snow day.”