Senior Jeannie She selected for Students Demand Action National Advisory Board


Photo courtesy of Jeannie She

Members of Whitman’s Students Demand Action chapter pose for a photo.

By Grace Corbett

Senior Jeannie She and 15 other student leaders from across the country were selected to serve on the National Advisory Board for Students Demand Action, a gun-control lobbying organization focused on youth advocacy.

The National Advisory Board includes student leaders from all over the nation. Jeannie views her membership as a substantial opportunity to affect change throughout the country, rather than just within the Whitman community, she said.

“It’s so easy for us to become numb to the headlines which are, in reality, extremely shocking and tragic,” Jeannie said. “I want to be able to communicate to the nation that we as young people are not okay with the world we are living in.”

Jeannie’s passion for advocacy dates back to the 2019 Virginia Beach shooting, which took place at her father’s workplace. Jeannie’s father barely escaped with his life, drawing her attention to the significance of gun control legislation. 

“I knew I needed to take action for my soul, my family and my community because I saw the pain and the trauma that my dad and my community experienced,” Jeannie said. 

In response to the Virginia Beach shooting, Jeannie has organized dozens of rallies and events promoting gun control legislation with local politicians and other youth activists. Jeannie also began a Students Demand Action chapter at Whitman and is currently serving as its co-leader alongside junior Lily Freeman.

The chapter’s Outreach Lead, senior Lila Wohl has been a participant since the club’s inception and recognizes Jeannie’s enthusiasm for the organization. 

“She is a very hard worker,” Wohl said. “She shows a lot of amazing qualities when it comes to leadership and coming up with ideas for the club.”

Senior Cayla Joftus serves as Events Lead and admires Jeannie’s continued effort for advocacy.

“She distributes responsibilities and leads club meetings in a way that makes everyone feel valued and heard,” Joftus said.

Jeannie looks forward to the work ahead of her and the chance to make a greater difference for her generation, she said.

“I believe people who recognize prevalent issues in society should be empowered to take action to change the status quo,” Jeannie said. “Youth especially deserve to have a seat at the table and deserve to have their perspectives heard, and we make that happen through advocacy.”