Handball outlasts Blair 27–24

By Mia Friedman

The Handball team (1–3) defeated the Blair Blazers (3–2) 27–24 in a close game Saturday morning.  

Despite not having enough players, the Blazers lent one of their teammates to the Vikes, allowing the game to go on. 

In the first half both teams went back and forth, bringing the score to a 12–12 tie with six minutes left in the first half. Sophomore Felix Leonhart led the team in first-half scoring with six goals and sophomore Alex Schupak saved numerous powerful shots for the team, allowing the Vikes to lead 14–13 at halftime.

In the second half, the score was kept in a deadlock for eight minutes with both defenses denying scoring chances. The Blazers started to pull away scoring four quick goals and bringing the score to 19–15. The Vikes mounted a comeback however and tied the score at 20–20 with 12 minutes left in the game. 

Sophomore Niko Alexander led the Vikes’ surge in offensive energy, scoring four goals in a six-minute period. 

Ultimately, the Vikes rallied as a team to bring home a 27–24 win. 

“We really stayed on the ball on defense, so we were able to hold the other team down to 23 goals,” Alexander said. “It was really a team effort.”

The team next plays the Wootton Patriots (0–4) Wednesday at 3:30 pm at Wootton High School.