Handball falls to Sherwood 41–31

By Mia Friedman and Eli Putnam

The handball team (0–2) fell to the Sherwood Warriors (4–0) 41–31 Monday afternoon.

The Vikes started off slowly, falling behind quickly by ten or more points to the Warriors. However, the Vikes would not go down easily, and continued to fight back, never losing by more than eleven goals, and getting as close as five goals away from tying the game.

Sophomore Niko Alexander led the Vikes in scoring, with double-digit goals, but sophomore Felix Leonhardt was not far behind.

At the half, the Vikes trailed 22–12. During their halftime discussion, Coach Mullin stressed covering the Warriors on defense and blocking their shooting angles. 

This advice seemed to help, as the Vikes came out strong in the second half, bringing the score within six points and gaining momentum with the help of an energetic crowd. However, the Warriors were able to exploit the Vikes’ weaknesses and score almost at will.

“We let in a lot of goals but we also got a lot more shots off than we normally do,” sophomore Jaiden Vikram said. “We were playing as a unified team, which in the end is our goal.”

In the end, the Warriors pulled away, leading 41–30 as the clock ticked down. But the team shared a special moment as sophomore Teddy Ye scored at the buzzer, his first goal of the season. 

The team next plays Saturday at 10 am at home against the Blair Blazers (3–1).