What is a modern day hero?

Anjali Jha

By Elyssa Seltzer

When you think of a superhero, you probably think of someone like Spider Man. He has superpowers! He wears a cape! He battles villains! But the term “hero” can also be applied to the real world. If you go beyond the boundaries of flying and capes, who qualifies as one?

I believe that a hero is someone who acts selflessly to benefit others and sets a good example for the public to follow. There are a number of people who meet these standards, and many people have their own hero.

My personal hero, however, is Beyoncé.

Despite being a billionaire, Beyoncé is modest and generous. People call her Queen Bey—perfect, beautiful, rich—but she’s managed to avoid becoming a diva. She started a foundation called BeyGood, which allows her to donate money to the homeless, ill, and unemployed. In 2007, she provided $7 million to support the Knowles-Temenos Place Apartments in Houston, Texas. She, along with family and friends, developed this apartment complex for homeless citizens of Houston following Hurricane Katrina. She even reportedly donated $7 million out-of-pocket after Hurricane Harvey struck, along with the diapers and food she handed out in-person in Houston.

But, beyond her charity, she also serves as a role model for young girls in particular. She breaks traditional boundaries, excelling as an independent African American female whose fame and fortune equals or surpasses that of her husband, rapper Jay Z.

With so much hate and anger embedded in our country, it’s more important than ever to have someone to look up to for motivation and inspiration. I hope everyone finds their hero.