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MCPS to return to ten-day spring break

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MCPS to return to ten-day spring break

Graphic by Alex Silber.

Graphic by Alex Silber.

Graphic by Alex Silber.

Graphic by Alex Silber.

By Joseph Ferrari

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The Board of Education approved a return to the ten-day spring break for the 2019-20 school year Nov. 6. The Board discussed two academic calendar options: one similar to the current calendar including a six-day spring break and another which would return to the lengthened break. The Board voted unanimously for the latter.

Similar to the current calendar, early release days will occur quarterly for teacher planning.

The Board took into account the results of a survey completed by staff and families throughout the county in making its decision. They also allowed for public comment on the two calendar options. The results of both the survey and the comments showed strong support for a return to the ten-day break.

Junior Gwen Arbetman said that this year’s six-day break will prevent her from seeing as many colleges as she would’ve liked, but she is glad the Board lengthened next year’s break to ten days.

“Because of junior year, I want to do college visits, and now I have to miss more school,” Arbetman said. “It was good decision; they got a lot of backlash from having just a six-day spring break.”

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