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Football comes up short against Sherwood; loses 7–0 in final game of the season

By Bennett Solomon

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The football team (4–6) lost a tight game against the Sherwood Warriors (7–3) by a final score of 7–0 on Friday night.

The Warriors scored on their first drive on a seven yard touchdown run by running back Troy Trice. The Warriors’ defense took over the rest of the game, denying the Vikes from finding the endzone.

The Vikes couldn’t get their offense going throughout the game, though their defense stepped up to keep the score close. The Vikes had a chance to tie it on their last drive, but they came up just short of the first defense, allowing the Warriors to take the victory.

This was the final game of the season for the Vikes, but offensive lineman Jake Glass looks forward for what is to come next year for the team.

“Our number one goal is to make the playoffs next year and that is always are main goal,” Glass said. “I think we have to put more points up on the board for us to be more successful next year.”

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