The British exchange students support Vikes soccer

By Harry Kaplan

“We love you Whitman, we do, we love you Whitman, we do, oh Whitman we love you!” the St. Peter’s exchange students chanted in the packed section of the bleachers. Despite the brittle, dry weather, the stands were energetic, filled with parents, students and British exchange students during the Varsity boys soccer game against Kennedy Oct. 24. The students chanted throughout the entirety of the match, which contributed to a key Vikes win.

“The support that St. Peter’s gave us was above and beyond. We felt like professionals,” defender James Severe said.

The exchange program has existed for the past decade, and it provides students with a great opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture.

“The St. Peters kids really enjoy getting the full American high school experience and there is no better way than supporting Whitman athletic teams,” social studies teacher Andrew Sonnabend said. “It was nice that they brought their ‘English flair’ to the soccer match.”