Dodd meets with new parents at principal’s coffee


Incoming principal Robert Dodd talks to parents at the annual principal’s coffee for new parents June 12. Dodd will host three more coffees this summer open to all parents. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Drye.

By Thomas Mande

Incoming principal Robert Dodd spoke with new parents and members of the PTA at the annual principal’s coffee for parents of new students June 12.

Dodd wanted to give the parents a chance to get to know him, given how close many were with Goodwin, he said. Dodd also assured parents that the transition between principals has been deliberate and well-planned, and that he would look to to follow in Goodwin’s footsteps.

“Three priorities: I want to be as accessible as possible, I want to continue to foster that strong climate and culture at Whitman, and continuity is really important,” Dodd said. “I’m not going to come in and change a lot of things; I’m going to come in and listen to what people have to say about the school.”

The event also included remarks from departing principal Alan Goodwin, counseling department head Kari Wislar and departing vice principals Jerome Easton and Kathryn McHale.

Dodd will host three more coffee meetings this summer open to all Whitman parents.