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Girls lacrosse wins regional championship over Wootton 15–3

By Bennett Solomon

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The girls lacrosse team (13–1) defeated the Wootton Patriots (8–7) 15–3 in the regional championship Wednesday.

The Vikes had another strong first half taking an 11–1 lead at the break. The first goal was scored by midfielder Julia Curran just two minutes into the game, and the team didn’t look back after that, scoring ten more goals in the half.

This is the third straight game the team has scored 12 or more goals and it has come at exactly the right time.

“We have really found our rhythm on attack,” Curran said. “We stay composed and are able to control the clock. We work a lot tighter and don’t rely on a single player.”

The Vikes will advance to the state semifinals against the Dulaney Lions Saturday at 2pm at Gaithersburg High School. The Lions come from the 4A North region and defeated the Sherwood Warriors earlier this season, the only team the Vikes lost to this year. 

“We have talked to some Sherwood players about their game and will be looking out for a few things,” Curran said. “But we are mainly focusing on playing our game and staying composed.”

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