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Boys lacrosse knocked out of playoffs after 18–1 loss

By Mateo Gutierrez

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The boys lacrosse team (11–4) was eliminated from the playoffs after a tough 18–1 loss to the undefeated Churchill Bulldogs (14–0) Tuesday.

Due to the rain delay Monday, the game resumed at the start of the second quarter with a score of 7–0.

The Vikes kept their intensity throughout the game but were unable to stage a comeback against the dominant Bulldog team. The Bulldogs locked up the Vikes on defense and pushed the ball on attack, scoring 11 goals just in the first half.

“We definitely should have fought with more heart on both sides of the field,” attacker Lucas Hilsenrath said. “They have a great team but we just had to play harder.”

The Vikes end their season with only four losses on the year and plenty of reason to be excited for next year. Underclassmen were a huge part of the Vike’s success this season, setting high expectations for next year.

“We will definitely come back next year and pour our hearts out onto the field like we wish we did today,” Hilsenrath said. “We will most likely see them in the playoffs again next year and hopefully come out on top.”


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