Photo of the Day: March 5


AP Spanish students pose with their teacher, Fabiola Katz, in front of the decorations they put up for her surprise birthday party. Students set up the party and made a video for Katz. Photo courtesy Fabiola Katz.

By Thomas Mande

AP Spanish students threw a surprise birthday party for Spanish teacher Fabiola Katz. Students had Spanish teacher Madeline Golding call Katz to her room for the first five minutes of class, while they frantically set up balloons, streamers and other decorations around the classroom. When Katz returned, they all jumped out and yelled “sorpresa!”

The students also got Georgetown cupcakes with pictures of Katz’s bitmoji on them and made a video saying in Spanish the reasons why they love Katz.

“This is the best gift I have ever received,” Katz said. “I’ve taught over 20 years and have never had something like this. You guys are amazing and loving.”