Q&A: Social media personality Amanda Rome West


Photo courtesy Amanda Rome West.

By Julia McGowan

Local social media personality Amanda Rome West grew up in Potomac and graduated from the Holton-Arms School in 2016. Now studying Business Cinematic Art at the University of Southern California, she explains how she uses social media, vlogging and yoga instruction to increase her fanbase and make career advancements. West said she aims to shift her social media platform and fanbase towards Instagram and Youtube rather than Snapchat.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

The Black & White: How did you build your fanbase?

Amanda Rome West: I started snapchatting, vlogging and doing YouTube in seventh grade, and I’ve always made videos that are comedy, lifestyle, fitness, fashion or food. I started teaching Yoga Sculpt and that really got me big online. I started hanging out with a lot of people who are really well known online and really big brands that I worked for, like Off-White and Versace. I’ve worked for people like Justin Bieber’s photography assistant and all sorts of men’s fashion weeks, and it really just got me going. I lost my GoPro earlier this semester and I made a lot of posts about it, and I started a bunch of memes. Now, I’m on a reality show, and I’m well-known online.  


B&W: Can you talk more about your reality show?

ARW: My reality show is “West’s World,” and it’s all about my life, all the things I’m doing and any sort of situation I get into. It’s all fictional so it’s all based on my life, but it’s not real. It’s going to be on YouTube.


B&W: How do you deal with people who are rooting against your success?

ARW: I’d say to anyone who’s my hater that they’re just giving me more press and more attention, and I appreciate all of their thinking about me and spending time worrying about me.


Q: Do you have any advice for girls entering college who want to do what you’re doing?

A: I get messages from girls every day saying “You inspire me,” “How do I push through?” “People are bullying me—how do I push through? Do I be different, artistic, or myself? How do I push through?” and honestly I just answer, “Just be you.” Whoever enters your life is meant to be in it, and just go with it. Whoever is going to college and wants to do what I’m doing, which is putting my life online, I give them the advice of portraying their most true self and really helping others by instilling messages of positivity and kindness in other people.