MyMCPS malfunction leaves students, teachers confused

By Mira Dwyer

The myMCPS Portal and Classroom didn’t show grades the final day of the first marking period, Nov. 9.

The status of students’ accounts was accidentally moved from “active” to “complete” for first quarter too early, MCPS Director of Instructional Technology Kara Trenkamp said.

During the malfunction, students couldn’t access their grades.

It was really stressful,” junior Ethan Askarinam said. “The quarter was ending, and I needed to see if I needed to go in and fix any grades, so it was difficult.”

Most teachers didn’t have problems with the program, but all said they received multiple complaints from students.

“Students were really upset,” AP psychology teacher Marisa Del Davio said. “It was the end of the quarter and they were trying to figure out what their grades were. Of course I had students complaining about it—we all complained about it.”

Seniors were particularly worried about how the complication would affect their ability to submit grades to colleges.

“As a senior, a lot of my colleges are potentially looking at my first quarter grades, and it being so close to the end of the quarter definitely increased my anxiety,” senior Clara Ryan said.  “It doesn’t make me feel secure about the gradebooks at the school.”

The program began working again at various times for different students throughout the weekend following the end of the marking period.