Meet the SMOB candidates: Abrosimov and Post


Graphic by Andie Silverman. Photos courtesy of the candidates.

By Andie Silverman

Juniors Alex Abrosimov and Matt Post, have been campaigning to be next year’s Student Member of the Board (SMOB). As an elected official, the SMOB has a seat and the same voting privileges of any BOE member. The Black & White spoke with the candidates to discuss their platforms before this election.

Alex Abrosimov: Richard Montgomery

Last year Abrosimov ran against incumbent Eric Guerci for the position of SMOB. Even though Abrosimov lost, the experience is helping him run a better campaign this year, he said.

I learned that every single school has a different story to tell and different issues,” Abrosimov said. “That is why this year my approaches to the issues are highly specific for each individual location and school.”

Abrosimov feels that what separates him from Post is his record following through with his actions.

“I have kept so far every promise I have made, which included bringing food trucks to my and three other high schools, building the largest ever Student Union in MCPS with over 1000 people and fixing my school’s broken bathroom, pipes and facilities,” Abrosimov said. “I have a long record of action at the local level that I can bring to the rest of the county.”

Abrosimov plans to support an array of county-wide issues stretching from enhancing art programs to making MCPS more environmentally conscious if elected.

“I support an infrastructure overhaul program to finally fix old and crumbling buildings and to build greener, more sustainable schools,” Abrosimov said. “I also support using saved money from sustainable development to invest in sports, arts programs, and electives for students to be able to explore their passions.”

Abrosimov said he chose to run again because he believes he can contribute a fresh perspective to the SMOB position.

“I want to be SMOB because like many students I feel like nothing has been done to take our views into account,” Abrosimov said. “How long have our questions, opinions, and needs been neglected by one SMOB after another?”

Matt Post: Sherwood

Post currently serves as current SMOB Eric Guerci’s Chief of Staff and as Vice President of the county SGA, positions where Post strived to improve student life.

“I have helped change the county’s stance on mental health issues, embedded affirmative consent into the health curriculum, simplified our code of conduct, and led student demonstrations at public hearings so our school budget could be fair and equitable,” Post said.

If elected, Post hopes refocus the BOE’s attention back on the students and start policy reform like removing wifi blocks, altering dress codes and reducing the use of out of school suspension.

Post also hopes to grow HeadStart, a program which promotes education for underprivileged kids under the age of five, and Pre-K programs so that every student can enter elementary school with the skills that they need to succeed. He would also like to increase funding for ESOL programs and in AP and IB programs for disadvantaged students as well as create a program that will teach staff how to recognize depression.

Overall, Post feels like his experience makes him the most qualified for the job.

“I learned what it takes to build coalitions and get things done,” Post said. “It’s often difficult, but I’m confident I’ll be ready on day one to move us forward.”

Before students cast their votes, each candidate had opportunities to visit schools within the county to spread their ideas. Schools also watched a televised Q&A mediated by Guerci. Students had the opportunity to send in questions prior to the Q&A for the candidates to answer. Elections will take place April 26.