March 23 Sports Recap

Coed and boys volleyball sweep Springbrook for their first victories; baseball and softball suffer tough losses to Poolesville


Graphic by Charlotte Alden.

By Amy Nankin, Ben Levin, and Kyle Layman

Coed volleyball

The coed volleyball team (1–1) defeated the Springbrook Blue Devils in a 3–0 shutout Thursday.

After a loss last game, the team spent practices leading up to Thursday focusing on the basics and how to be more effective on the court.

“We expected going into the game to have to compete to the best of our ability and we were very happy with getting the victory,” junior Jack Farren said.

The team had a more explosive start Thursday as they carried their new knowledge of the sport onto the court.

“In our first game we didn’t get going until our last set,” Farren said. “As opposed to this game when we got off to a good start right out of the gate and we were able to capitalize off of that.”

The team is going to continue focus on starting the game off strong and perfecting technique, Farren said.

Next, the squad takes on the Magruder Colonels at 5:30 Monday at home.

Boys volleyball

The boys volleyball team (1–1) overtook the Springbrook Blue Devils with a 3–0 victory Thursday.

The boys maintained a lead over the blue devils for most of the game, focusing on communication and technique while on the court, junior Evan Decastro said.

“We definitely played better as a team which is crucial considering many of us don’t have much volleyball experience,” Decastro said.

The Vikings are going to continue to put an emphasis on improving team chemistry on the court.

Next, the squad plays the Magruder Colonels at 7:15 Monday at home.


The baseball team team (1–1) fell to the Poolesville Falcons on Thursday afternoon 7–2.

While out-hitting the Falcons six to five, the Vikes were unable to recover from the six-run outburst the Falcons delivered in the first inning.

Outfielder Eric Wayman and shortstop Tyler DeMartino had one run each to put the Vikings on the board in the fifth and sixth inning.

The Vikes play at home against B-CC on Saturday at 1:30.


The softball team dropped their second game of the season, losing to the Poolesville Falcons 10–4. Full story to come.