Amendment passes; SGA details charity weeks at delegate meeting


SGA members detailed charity weeks after fourth period delegates voted on an amendment to the Whitman constitution at the last delegate meeting. Photo by Rachel Hazan.

By Lily Friedman

Class delegates passed vice president Ari Neugeboren’s election transparency amendment at the fourth period delegate meeting Jan. 11. The SGA also announced specific charity week events replacing LLS month this year, including Vike-A-Thon, which will replace bRAVE.

The amendment, which passed 40-15, clarifies SGA election procedures and ensures that results remain confidential until announced.  The amendment needed at least a two-thirds vote for ratification.

“It’s a big win for students and fair elections,” Neugeboren said. “Now that the protocol is clear, nobody can alter election results.”

Some students said the amendment isn’t really a large change from the current constitutional procedures that allow administration to view results before the announcement.

“I supported the amendment because it’s a good idea to have structure in elections,”  freshman Ellie Block said. “At the same time, the amendment isn’t that different, so it’s kind of unnecessary.”

After the vote took place, SGA members spoke about special events in their charity weeks.

The new charity weeks include Mental Illness Awareness Week Feb. 6-10, LLS Week March 13-17, Environment Week Apr. 24-29 and Homelessness Week May 15-20.

Mental Illness Awareness Week will feature the popular Battle of the Bands and a new event, Whitman Wishes. Students will submit “wishes” for small gifts and SGA will grant a select few of the “wishes” at random.

LLS Week will incorporate the Whitman Vike-A-Thon, an alternative dance to bRAVE. Speakers stressed that if any student is found under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the event, SGA won’t sponsor a winter dance again.

Environment Week’s events aren’t finalized, but the five days will focus on the themes “guilt, awareness and save.”

The last week of the year, Homelessness Week, will involve a new 5k event, food drives and a yard sale.

“The events all seem like they’ll be fun,” Block said. “SGA has already put on a lot of them, so the new themes may just make them even better.”