bRAVE canceled, to be replaced by new dance


Cartoon by Josh Corbin.

By Lily Friedman

SGA is planning to replace bRAVE with a new dance this February, according to SGA sponsor Laurie Safran and multiple Leadership students.

To address underage drinking and drug use at bRAVE, the new event will have more police officers and security guards. SGA plans to hold the dance earlier in the night probably for four or five hours instead of bRAVE’s six-hour duration, which extended into the early hours of the morning. The SGA is considering asking students to wear all white rather than the previous neon attire.

SGA will still donate ticket proceeds to LLS, but they’re discussing shortening LLS month to a week, keeping dine-outs and spirit week. Other weeks will focus their donations on different charities.

While leadership and the administration’s main goal is to keep all students safe, they still want to uphold the tradition of a charity dance, even if it means adjusting some of bRAVE’s elements.

“Dr. Goodwin insisted we make changes this year in order to have the dance,” Safran said.  “This included changing the name, changing the length of time, and changing the culture of the dance. We’re working to do that and have not yet finalized our plans.”

The Black & White will continue to update this story as new information emerges.