Coed volleyball vanquishes WJ 3–0

By Daniel Weber

[score id=”49481″ align=”right”] The coed volleyball team (4–0) prevailed 3–0 in straight sets Monday over the Walter Johnson Wildcats (0–5), continuing their undefeated season.

The team had a positive performance in spite of star hitter Nick Battan’s absence, showing resilience throughout the totality of the contest. Substitutes Elie Shnerson and Michael Azimi produced an effective all-around effort crucial to the Vikings’ victory.

The set score was not close, but the Wildcats came closer to rivaling the Vikings than some previous teams.

“It was closer than some of our other games,” libero Andrew Constable said. “They put up a good fight, but we had a comfortable win. The fact that it was Walter Johnson just made it that much better.”

However, this game is only one part of a larger season. The minds of the players are already onto their next opponent.

“Only four other teams out of twenty-five have yet to lose a game,” Constable said. “It feels good now, but it will be even better if it’s upheld through tomorrow’s game against Richard Montgomery, another school currently 4-0.”

This contest will take place at Richard Montgomery Wednesday at 7:15.