Softball crushes Wooton 16–3

By Michael Gorman

[score id=”44298″ align=”right”] The softball team demolished the Wootton Patriots 16–3, improving to their record to 5–7.

Shortstop Elena Kozak, who went 4–4 with two RBI doubles, was once again a key player for a Viking squad that has had flashes of greatness this season.

While Kozak led the team, there were hits throughout the lineup, with the rain-soaked balls often missing the plate to put batters ahead in the count.

Although the Patriots held them scoreless until the fourth inning, the Vikes managed to pour in the runs while the rain was coming down hardest. Kozak led a Viking offense that was walked on numerous occasions, and Lauren Furst pitched five airtight innings.

“While it took us a little while to adjust, we really started connecting with the ball and made a lot of good hits,” pitcher Lauren Furst said.

Furst pitched all five innings of the second straight win for the Vikings ended by the mercy rule, and players are looking forwards to ending the season on a good note.

“Next game we have to focus on getting hits from the start, but our defense has been really solid all season, led by Lauren Furst who is pitching better than ever,” outfielder Jenny Williams said.

The Vikings look to keep up their winning ways at Rockville Saturday.