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MCPS needs to transition Whitman into virtual learning for two weeks — immediately.

MCPS needs to transition Whitman into virtual learning for two weeks — immediately.

By Editorial Staff January 4, 2022

Since our return to in-person school, Whitman students have, for the most part, managed to avoid a surge in coronavirus cases. We’ve worn our masks, stayed home during sickness and gotten tested when...

Reactionary movements such as #NotAllMen serve to both invalidate survivors experiences and divert attention from the real issue.

Why #NotAllMen is unproductive

By Defne Aslan May 16, 2021

Sarah Everard did everything right. She let her partner know where she was, wore bright clothes and walked on well-lit main roads. Yet, on March 3, she disappeared and was later found dead in a far-off...

Staff editorial: The SGA Executive Board is all-male. Its time to reflect.

Staff editorial: The SGA Executive Board is all-male. It’s time to reflect.

May 13, 2021

SGA sponsor Kathleen Bartels released the 2021–2022 student government election results in an email to the Whitman community on Monday. Bartels’ message listed the highest-ranking SGA positions: President,...

Students should have the opportunity to excuse themselves and talk to a counselor when triggering topics arise during class.

MCPS: Allow students to exempt themselves from triggering conversations in the classroom

By Cate Navarrete and Alex Schupak April 3, 2021

One student’s name has been changed for anonymity. In her elementary school science class, Sara stepped up to the whiteboard, prepared to jot down her weight in front of her peers. The activity was...

For many MCPS students, SSL hours are not an opportunity to complete altruistic volunteer work, rather just another box to check before heading off to college.

Don’t let college admissions define your extracurriculars

By Caitlin Cowan January 24, 2021

“I’m just doing this for my college resume.” Every time I hear a peer say this about one of their extracurricular activities, it disturbs and frustrates me. This rationale represents the end of...

Staff editorial: Nobody is entitled to ignore the pandemic

Staff editorial: Nobody is entitled to ignore the pandemic

January 13, 2021

It's been close to 300 days since March 13, when MCPS decided to send students home for what we thought would be a two-week break. Nobody expected that short disruption to extend into seven months of remote...

At Whitman, LGTBQ+ students face harassments in a variety of forms, from microaggressions to death threats.

Whitman: support LGBTQ+ students inside the classroom, too

By Cate Navarrete January 9, 2021

Harassment, dead-naming and misgendering are just a few of the countless issues LGBTQ+ students encounter in the classroom. Despite Whitman’s progressive exterior, its failure to address the concerns...

Creative writing yields both personal and academic benefits, improving cognitive skills and providing students with an outlet for processing life experiences.

Whitman English classes need more creative writing assignments

By Tara Davoodi November 30, 2020

In second grade, during our designated reading and writing time, I would feverishly scribble down stories and dream up complex worlds. In third grade, I found joy in writing fantasy — stories about dragons,...

A map of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States.

OK, Gen Z: It’s time to save our Boomers.

By Editorial Staff March 12, 2020

Today, our newspaper’s adviser pulled us aside. He said he understands that we have a magazine coming out soon. He said he’s aware of our commitment to student journalism. But he also said that, with...

Staff editorial: Give OneWhitman a chance

Staff editorial: Give OneWhitman a chance

February 19, 2020

OneWhitman, a new initiative this year intended to encourage inclusion, celebrating diversity and togetherness in the Whitman community, has gotten off to a rough start. The student body does have more...

TMZ broke the news of Bryants death before his family was notified.

Journalism requires sensitivity in tragic events

By Jesse Rider February 4, 2020

Just like they do dozens of other times every day, people around the world checked their phones Jan. 26 at 2:32 pm. But what they saw this time was different: a notification from TMZ with the headline,...

Whitman: In the wake of Monday’s attack, stop suppressing and start reflecting

Whitman: In the wake of Monday’s attack, stop suppressing and start reflecting

By Editorial Board September 20, 2019

On Monday, two announcements told us to stay in our classrooms regardless of any bells. Then, a fire alarm sounded. Eventually, the events were reconciled—but in the meantime, students exchanged details...

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