Boys basketball defeats Wheaton 59–43

By Matt Mande

The boys basketball team (4–6) cruised past the Wheaton Knights (3–5) 59–43 Friday night. 

The Vikes came out strong in the first quarter, moving the ball and creating open shots. A combination of size advantage, superb shooting and solid defense allowed the team to outscore the Knights 19–9 by the end of the first quarter

The Knights tightened up defensively in the second quarter, holding the Vikes to 13 points. However, they struggled from the three and were unable to close the Vikes’ lead, allowing the Vikes to lead 32–21 at the end of the half.

The Vikes continued to utilize their size advantage in the third quarter, targeting center Michael Bass and getting points in the paint. The Knights defense remained unable to stop the Vikes’ offense, and the Vikes increased their lead to 45–30 by the end of the third quarter. 

The final quarter saw similar play from both sides propelling the Vikes to secure a 16-point win.

Guard Josh Weinberg led the Vikes’ offense, scoring 13 points and guard Jaden Pierce made key passes, opening up shooting opportunities for the team.

The Vikes next face the Magruder Colonels (4–5) Monday at 7:15 pm at home.