Black and White Vol 58 Summer Photos

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  • The Strickers make the long trek to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain on a beautiful sunny day. The family bonded during their reunion and enjoyed the day together.

  • This summer I took a trip to Africa and went on a six day safari and snapped this cool picture of a lion yawning.

  • A photo of the Dior exhibit at the Victorian Albert Museum in London.

  • Jacopo Villani, the younger brother of Where We Live sector editor David Villani, sits in a workshop at the Marché Sandaga in downtown Dakar, Senegal. This busy marketplace is known throughout Senegal for its elaborate fabrics and for the high quality of the artisans who work here. Jacopo sports $4 basketball shorts, hand-me-down sandals, a jersey from his hometown soccer team, and sunglasses stolen from his brother. Steal his look—if you dare.

  • Traffic Manager Zoe Chyatte hiked and boated in Acadia National Park, Maine. Due the extreme difference in high and low tide water levels, large swaths of the bay and sea floors were exposed during the day, allowing people to collect unique rocks and clam shells (not pictured).

  • Education Editor Zara Ali poses with her mother in Hyde Park while on her vacation in London. Ali visited London to attend the Cricket World Cup and to spend time with her extended family.

  • A sea lion resting on the beach that I saw during my trip to the Galapagos islands. The park rangers allowed us to get within six feet of the sea lions because their relationship with humans has been undisturbed.

  • This summer, I traveled to India. This is the Agra Fort located in Jaipur, India where the Taj Mahal is also located.

  • The Aeris Brass Band, a New Orleans-style brass group from the Netherlands, performs a late-night gig in front of the metro station in one of Naples, Italy’s most popular squares, Piazza di Dante. Naples was one of the five European cities the band passed through during their 2019 “MAMMA MIA” tour, and writer Eleanor Taylor was able to attend their final show in the city during her brief visit. The band played a variety of music, ranging from adaptations of well-known pop songs to jazzy ballads, all the while encouraging the largely international audience to sing along in whichever language they chose. For the group’s baritone saxophonist Marco Pipolo, who grew up in Italy, the night was an emotional homecoming. “It’s great to be back,” he said.

  • Luna Adams (left) and Simba Adams (right) bask in the sun on a blazing August afternoon. The majority of their summers consisted of laying in that exact patch of sunlight until they tripped who ever attempted to walk past them.

  • Whitman students Sam Mulford (middle) and Landon Mulford (right) before doing a triathlon this summer (1/4 mile swim, 11 mile bike and 4 mile run).

  • Ruby Friedman lies on the family room floor of her new home days after being picked up from the breeder. Friedman crashed against the couch just minutes after energetically engaging in a game of fetch with her older sister Mia Friedman.

  • The Pompidou Center in Paris held an exhibition this summer called "Prehistory, a modern enigma". Writer Meera Shroff saw this enormous piece of art by Miguel Barceló

  • Print Copy Editor Meera Dahiya assembles hula hoops with senior Saira Rathod and sophomore Aanya Rathod at Sahasra Deepika Foundation for Education in Bangalore, India. Dahiya and Rathod spent three years raising money to built a sports court at the school.

  • The waves crash into the shore in Salcombe, a small town on the Southern coast of England. Senior Max London spent two weeks in England: hiking, rock climbing and traveling to different towns.

  • Matthew Mande (left), Frances Mande (middle), and Thomas Mande (right) spend family time at Thompsons Point, VT. Their visit continues an annual family tradition of staying at the lake house.

  • Senior Mateo Gutierrez and cousins look out at the scenic view of Isla de Sol in Bolivia. Isla de Sol is right next to the biggest lake in the world, Lake Titcaca.

  • Junior, Lexi Fleck watched this vibrant colored sunset occur in Southhampton, New York with all of her extended family. This sunset was the last one she would witness of the summer and it was by far the most beautiful.

  • Print Managing Editor Katie Hanson (second from left) joins other students at The Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute in visiting The Chicago Bean in Millenium Park. Hanson spent five weeks at the program, where she refined her skills in broadcasting, reporting and interpretive dancing.

  • This is a view overlooking a geyser that has a unique mineral composition. Photo was taken late summer as the geyser exhibited change due to the season's progression.

  • Junior James Marzolf-Miller (left) and his siblings encounter unexpected winds while taking photos in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. The sight was one of many they saw during their two week-long visit in California.

  • Jaclyn Morgan takes in the scenery at the Peninsula on the Bay just west of Rehoboth Beach where she had a memorable vacation with her family.

  • An image of the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Junior Jack McGuire visited the Portland Head Lighthouse, one of the oldest, operable lighthouses in the U.S, on his trip throughout the Northeast United States.

  • A view from the Senate Chaplain office that I saw while exploring the capitol building during my internship at the senate.

  • The Rider family drops off their oldest, Bo at Cornell Universty for his orientation.

  • The view from Piestewa Peak in Arizona during a sunrise hike.

  • Online Copy Editor Hirari Sato smiles with four year old Richard Stark as he covers his face with his baby tennis racket at the Landon Tennis camp. Sato coached three to five year olds the basics of tennis such as forehands, backhands and volleys for nine weeks.

  • The painted figure of a robin stands as part of a mural at the 798 Art Zone in Beijing, China. Junior Heather Wang visited the Art Zone as part of her month-long stay in Beijing. 798, formerly a cluster of military factories, now serves as a district of art galleries showcasing emerging Chinese artists.

  • Ziggy Heberlee searches for dog playmates on the field behind Wood Acres Elementary School. After chasing his sister Sammy around the grass for ten minutes, Heberlee sluggishly walked home.

  • Eve Titlebaum (second from right) poses for an impromptu photo shoot at camp. The group was heading towards the water when their car suffered a flat tire. The counselor ran to replace it while the kids posed in front of the scenic camp sign.

  • Eva Levy holds a puppy for sale at the grocery store in Tokyo, Japan she named Simba/Carji. In addition to food and generic supplies, the store also sold other pets such as turtles, cats, fish, and parriots. There are puppy stores all over Tokyo, Japan. One chain puppy store called "P's Firsts" has multiple locations in Shebuya. If someone in Japan wishes to buy a puppy, they can take it home for a few days as a "test run". This is what my friend Lisa Sugimura---whom I stayed with for two weeks---did with her dog, Roxie. Lisa is alergic to dogs so they wanted to make sure Roxie would be a good fit to the family.

  • Web Master Eva Ginns (left), rides a bicycle with square wheels at the National Museum of Mathematics in New York. Her sister was not as excited to visit this museum.

  • Eli Putnam completes his summer reading at high altitude. He was recovering from a long day of hiking in the Pyrenees Mountains with members of the Spanish Park Service.

  • Online Editor-in-Chief Dana Herrnstadt (front, third from right) visits David Ben-Gurion’s tomb in Israel as part of a three-week program for Jewish high school students. In addition to serving as Israel’s first prime minister, Ben-Gurion was known for being able to do a headstand—a skill that Herrnstadt does not possess.

  • Section editor Clara Koritz Hawkes (second from the right) and fellow students at the Medill Northwestern Journalism Institute pose for pictures in front of the Chicago skyline. One of 83 students, Koritz Hawkes spent 5 weeks at the Institute, learning about all things print journalism, broadcast and design. Beyond these skills, Koritz Hawkes also added saying "y'all" to her repetoire while at the Institute.

  • The kooky and colorful "Camp: Notes on Fashion" exhibit lights up Exhibition Room 999 of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The ever-popular exhibition examines how the elements of parody, exaggeration and theatricality appear in fashion. While visiting a friend in New York, Junior Chloe Lesser enjoyed "Camp: Notes on Fashion" just one week before the exhibition's scheduled closing on September 8.

  • Off the coast of the uninhabited island of Satonda, Indonesia, Celina Fratzscher sets sail aboard the Star Clipper. Fratzscher spent 7 days aboard the Star Clipper exploring various, colorful islands in eastern Indonesia.

  • Chicago Red Stars goalie Alyssa Naeher prepares for a free kick in a game against the Washington Spirit. Online Managing Editor Anna Yuan attended two sold-out Washington Spirit games this summer and brought a sign to one that read, "Stop her? No way Rosé!" as a play on Washington Spirit midfielder Rose Lavelle's name. Unfortunately, Lavelle did not notice Yuan's sign.

  • A bighorn sheep pictured in Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Photo Director Annabel Redisch caught a glimpse of animals like the bighorn sheep, American bison, and prairie dogs during her trip through North and South Dakota.

  • Print Editor-In-Chief Alex Robinson (second from right) poses in front of a mounting ice pileup with 5 other girls during a 45 day canoe trip this past summer in the barrenlands of northern Canada. Though this wintry front brought icy winds and freezing temperatures, the group was happy to find that the mosquitoes and black flies were as scared of the storm as they were, and subsequently went into hiding for the next couple days.

  • A palm tree makes perfect shade for junior Andrew Eagle, in Santa Monia, California. Eagle spent 6 days in Santa Monica and Hollywood, and enjoyed sightseeing, going to museums, and relaxing in the shade reading a book or two. Eagle captured this image when relaxing at his hotel.

  • A female leopard rests on a fallen tree trunk in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Online Managing Editor Ally Navarrete visited South Africa for 3 weeks during which she saw all of the Big Five animals (leopard, lion, Cape buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros) among other sights in the amazing country.

  • Alex visits the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas. The visit was part of a 7 week CIT program where they went to houston for a service trip to rebuild houses that were damaged by the hurricane.

  • Above Black and White writer, Afsoon Movahed, sits next to the mural of hell at the “painted church” in Big Island, Hawaii. When Saint Benedict created the church in 1899, he painted the walls with murals of biblical scenes. Mysteriously, the only damaged painting is the one of hell, which has been burnt by the sun.

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