Ryan Derenberger to replace Louise Reynolds as Black & White advisor


Dana Herrnstadt

Louise Reynolds announced today that Introduction to Journalism teacher Ryan Derenberger will replace her as Black & White advisor next year. After 12 years of Black & White, Reynolds feels “proud,” she said.

By Dana Herrnstadt

Introduction to Journalism teacher Ryan Derenberger will replace Louise Reynolds as the advisor of The Black & White starting in the 2019 school year.

Reynolds announced the change at today’s end-of-year Black & White banquet. Reynolds, who has advised The Black & White for 12 years, looks forward to being in a supporting role next year—she’ll teach the Introduction to Journalism classes in Derenberger’s place.

“It was time,” Reynolds said. “It’s going to be in great hands.”

Derenberger feels “nothing but excitement” for his new role. The paper is heading in directions that he supports, and he plans on pushing it even further, he said.

“I feel privileged,” Derenberger said. “I’m happy to be here.”

Reynolds added a spirited “Go Volume 58!”