Who is Whitman – Expanded Edition

What makes you different from your friends?

Elisabeth Charles – Grade 11 – I have my license so I’ve become the mom friend.
Alisha Dhir – Grade 12 – I am an artist-engineer and I have largely shaped my life goals around 2000’s NYC romantic comedies.
Daniel Harris – Grade 12 – My interests, and my perspectives of the world.
Mira Kisslinger – 9th Grade – I wish we grew up without social media.
Carly Rothschild- 9th Grade- Every weekend I always make cookies for everyone and all my friends. I love to do this because I love baking and and am able to share with all my friends!
Abby Chen – 10th Grade – I like playing golf
Syed Azan Ali – 11th Grade – I am very sensitive, but also understanding. I also try to analyze and understand people, to gain a better sense of people in general.
Ezra Bird – Grade 10 – I’m always in a good mood and I’m funny.
Jenna Fields – 9th Grade – I am incredibly dedicated.


Deanna Adams – 11th Grade – I try a little bit of everything. I am on a sports team and play an instrument.
Ben Baisinger-Rosen – 10th Grade – I have family in Nebraska.
Matt Kirschner – 12th Grade – I don’t have a driver’s permit.
Ethan Singer – 11th Grade – I don’t think country music is bad.
Talia Fechter – 9th Grade – I love reading, baking, and ballet. I also love pop-punk and emo music.
Skylar Chasen – 9th Grade – Unlike a lot of my friends and people my age, I still love to read and write and hope to be an author.
Tiffany Tran – 11th Grade – I socialize with more people outside of my school than a lot of my friends which allows me to be exposed to different people and ideas outside of the Whitman community.
Blake Layman – 11th Grade – I was born in a different country
Abby Waldvogel – Grade 10 – I am a ginger, and most of my friends don’t have red hair so I feel special.
Angel Alvarez – Grade 10 – What makes me different are my thoughts and how I analyze everything.
Morgan Wiese – 12th Grade – I love to be surrounded by friends and busy with activity but I think I value my alone time more than most people. Sitting down with a book in a quiet place is the most relaxing thing for me.
Jamison Rozicer – 9th Grade – I am a trouble maker while my friends are mostly straight A students
Madison Zhao – 10th Grade – Costco* and I have a very intimate relationship. No one will ever understand the love I have for their free samples.
Bennett Solomon – 11th Grade – I am a huge Florida Gators fan and love to watch Hockey.
Hisham Shami – 10th Grade – I’m a lot more outgoing and much more sociable than some of them.
Evelyn Gregory – 11th Grade – I am more involved in music and art
Thomas Fratantoni – 12th Grade – I like trying new things.
Eva Ginns – Grade 11 – I am a lot more indecisive because I have a lot of different interests that influence me.
Greg Garner – 10th grade – I run the race of life with gratitude, composure, urgency, thoughtfulness and the intention of winning.
Alex Lewis – 12th grade – My father passed away a few years ago but I still try to live life with as much positivity and optimism as possible.
Aki Kawakami – 10th Grade – I can play the piano. I’ve been playing it for 10 years.
Brynn O‘Connor – 11th Grade – When I see a dispute between people I love, I can’t help but try to fix it. Not because I am nosey, but because it makes me that nervous to see those around me upset.
Julia Clayton – Grade 11 – I try my best to take everything I do as an opportunity to learn and grow
Danny Calder – 12th Grade – I have a unique mix of being smart and serious but also extremely tweaky.
Madison Colonna – Grade 11 – I hate cream cheese!
Alex Robinson – Grade 11 – One of my favorite activities is spending time in the outdoors, whether that’s hiking, canoeing, camping, etc. Me and my siblings all go to a canoeing-based sleep away camp in Northern Wisconsin that my dad grew up going to as well, so spending time outdoors is just as much a family activity as it is a personal escape.
Connor Fang – 10th Grade – I play Lacrosse, a member of DECA, and also a twin
Emily Wu – 10th Grade – My hobbies and ideas!
Alissa Weisman – 10th Grade – I fight for the environment!


Jack Dobbins – 10th Grade – I play soccer competitively, and I love to ski in the winter.
Serena Moscarella – 10th Grade – I never use plastic straws! Lowkey an environmental freak.
Ian Garton – 10th Grade – We like different food. We can never agree what pizza toppigs to get.
Amir Khosrodad – 12th Grade – The difference I have from most of my friends is my fiery passion for performance and dance. I have friends who dance, and friends who have performed with me, but they do it for different reasons. There’s a burning in my soul telling me to perform, to show the audience and the world who I am, and what I’m capable of. And it cannot be ignored.
Ray Roberts – 10th Grade – Especially since I learned I was moving to California, I realized that I can’t just not do things because I’m scared of what people will think of me. Life isn’t about staying in the background; it’s about taking advantage of it before it’s too late.
Zoe Tockman – 10th Grade – I sometimes do things others would brush off as crazy; I love learning Chinese and Arabic! Social media isn’t my whole life and I love to hike in order to be surrounded by nature to disconnect for a while.
Will Gorman – 11th Grade – My favorite sport is waterskiing, a sport most of my friends have never tried.
Molli Hillman – 10th Grade – I spend every day thinking about how I would rather be at the beach.
Lily Young – 9th Grade – I wish more students were able to spend more time trying to find their passion and not stressing about their next exam.
Phuc Bui – 12th Grade – I don’t think I am very much different. All my friends are wonderful people living a great life and doing their best; I hope I am doing the same.
Gwen Arbetman – Grade 11 – Aside from my purple hair, I would say that I am interested in more broad subjects than some of my friends. You can find me basically anywhere because I am interested in a lot.
Isabelle van Nieuwkoop – Grade 11 – I’m pretty adventurous. I’ve traveled my whole life and I love exploring different places.


Betty Zhu – 9th Grade – I notice the little things in life that become many nice and cute memories.
Tyler Werkman – 10th Grade – I don’t often boast about accomplishments and am humble.
Jorian Benke – Grade 10 – I take moments to slow down and enjoy what’s around me. I marvel at everything because it is a miracle that they even exist at all.
Heather Wang – 10th Grade – I’m a student blogger who writes anything from social commentaries to features… I also like to document my travels with blogs.
Yasmeen Gauri – 12th Grade – I talk more and am more blunt, I have a nose ring and I am the mom friend.
Nora O’Prey – 12th Grade – My dream dinner would include me, Ms. Talaat, and Albert Einstein. John Malkovich would be our waiter and Machiavelli would pay.
Shivani Sawant – 10th Grade – I’ve eaten cough drops as a meal before.
Carolyn Catan – 9th Grade – I play three instruments; clarinet, piano and drums
Tony Joseph – 9th Grade – I never try to be a perfectionist but I will always be a learner till the day I die. I may not be the best at everything, but I strive to do all my tasks to the best of my ability.
Ryan Dwight – 12th Grade – I never got into social media as much as my friends, so instead I spend a lot more time doing stuff outdoors like kayaking, hiking and other activities.
Sara Lapidus – 10th Grade – I am different from my friends because I have been dancing since I was five years old.
Rachel Chen – 9th Grade – I have been dancing since third grade.
Molly Knox – 12th Grade – I do my best to open up to others and be as relatable as possible because it makes people feel more comfortable being themselves around me.
Bryan Solomon – Grade 10 – When I was in 8th grade, I experienced a severe jaw injury and now I have to wear braces until my junior year. Also, I am a die hard University of Florida Gators fan since my dad, grandfather, and grandmother went there. I also love to go to concerts with my friends often.
Charlie Thomas – 11th Grade – I feel like I have a pretty unique set of preferences (movies, music, hobbies, sports) within my friend group. The difference in preferences keeps conversations and hangouts interesting but at the same time there’s a certain disconnect if you aren’t on the same page about something.
Sam Rahbin – 10th grade – I am from Iran, and I am proud of my dual Iranian American culture.
Lia Harrison – 10th grade – Swimming
Lisa Ota – 10th grade – Everyday, balancing both ethnic cultures that I grew up with, my mom being from Japan and me growing up here. Also my unconditional love for the planet and advocating for climate change action!
Ashley Rommel – 10th Grade- I love to play softball, but I also enjoy playing the clarinet.
Saira Rathod – 11th Grade – I’m loud, extra, and I genuinely like talking to people I don’t know and learning weird but interesting things. I also really like being with people and hate being by myself whoops.
Khanya Dalton – 11th Grade -I’m the only one of my friends that participates in a sport and has an accent. In all honesty, my friends and I share a lot of morals, values, and activities.
Rowan Mohan – 11th Grade – I always try and look at things optimistically, because I think that how you view your situation defines how happy you can possibly be!
Sophie Monroe – 10th Grade – I never procrastinate on homework.
Alex Wechsler – 11th Grade – I’m Jewish, I wear glasses, I’m smart, and I came here in second grade from Connecticut.
Leah McLaren – 11th Grade – I can be really outspoken. I’m not afraid to give my opinion or disagree with people, and it can come off as abrasive. It’s important to be nice to people, but if I think someone is wrong, I tell them.
Jerry Zhao – 11th Grade – Absolutely nothing.
Mark Cunniff – 9th Grade – I’m a 3 sport athlete.
James Marzolf – 10th Grade – I find myself to be a more compassionate and outgoing person compared to my friends. I am very observant, and I typically try to be as helpful to everyone as I possibly can.
Molly Herson – 12th Grade – I love doing musical theatre and many of my friends are more interested in other things like sports.