Talent show theme revealed: “Uprising”


Photo by Joseph Ferrari

Senior Davis Gestiehr and the student directors of the talent show shout the theme of this year's show: "Uprising." The theme was revealed at an information meeting Nov. 27.

The production staff of this year’s talent show revealed that the show’s theme will be “Uprising” at an information meeting Nov. 27. The show is scheduled for April 11, 12 and 13, but much of the work will begin months in advance. Acting auditions will take place the week before winter break, and music auditions will take place in late January.

Assistant director Becca Marr said she likes the theme because it leaves a lot up for interpretation.

“We all really liked ‘Uprising’ because it had a darker theme, but it also has multiple connotations,” Marr said.

Some of talent show themes from previous shows include “Cirque,” “Road Trip” and “Outer Limits.” The theme will be incorporated into the show’s acting, set and promotion.

Picking themes can be difficult because it must keep the show distinctive from those of previous years, acting director Aarushi Malhotra said.

“‘Uprising’ has a nice emphasis to it,” Malhotra said. “The first thing we’re going to do for acting is talk about what kind of story line we want.”

Director Davis Gestiehr said he hopes this year’s show will include a variety of new performers.

“People should audition because it’s maybe the only reason I go to school,” Gestiehr said. “It’s so fun; you meet so many amazing people. Coming into Whitman, I didn’t know any of the people that I’m friends with now, and that’s strictly because of talent show.”