Migos ignites ‘culture’ shock in rap


Album artwork by Quality Control.

By Michael Gorman

Rain drop. Drop top. Migos are changing the rap game a lot lot.

With “C U L T U R E,” released Jan. 27, the North Atlanta trio Migos stayed true to their roots, putting out their most unapologetic trap music to date. Although there are a few throwaways, (“Big on Big” comes to mind), the majority of the tape is fiery with catchy hooks and clever lyrics. For example, from “Brown Paper Bag”: “Go to the mall in a Bentley / Money is bigger than Winfrey’s.”

The opening and title track, “Culture” features DJ Khaled, but his annoying bursts of noise take away from the confidence that Migos bring on the rest of the album. After Khaled’s endless yelling, the song is almost over. Standing at 2:33, it’s little more than an intro, and leaves listeners wishing DJ Khaled’s contribution never happened.

Other than mega-hit “Bad and Boujee,” the best song on the album is “T-Shirt.” It’s classic Migos, as members Quavo, Offset and Takeoff trade verses with their trademark braggadocio and stuttering flow: “I’ma hit the gas, 12 can’t pull me over.” The music video is also fantastic as the trio stomps through the tundra with their fur coats and icy watches.  

As a complete project, Migos succeeded, but some songs shouldn’t have been included.

Rating: 4 out of 5