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‘Name a More Iconic Duo’

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‘Name a More Iconic Duo’

By Justin Baker, Joey Squeri

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1.   Classes in this area include Calculus and Algebra

5.   Actress in “The Wrestler,” “My Cousin Vinny” and “Cyrus,” ____ Tomei

11.  Famous sandwich spread duo __ and _

14. How many square units of space a shape occupies

15. Waxing gibbous and waning crescent are ____ of the moon

16. The John, the restroom

17. Duo that you leave for Santa Claus: ____ and _______

19. Noah’s boat

20. Sherlock Holmes character featured prominently in “A Scandal in Bohemia,” Irene ____

21. A hall you eat in

22. Blackbeard carried out her vengeance

23. Flotsam and Jetsam are this type of animal

25. Classic, yet delicious sandwich trio: ____

27. Dynamic duo of British sleuths

35. What famous people do on reddit

36. Croatian counterpart to “The Process” in Philly, ___ Saric

37. How you capture a bull

38. Create

40. The type of messages snapchat is replacing

42. Raw, genuine

43. “You are next in line for this activity,” if you were typing on 40 across

45. Christmas and Nerlens are both ____

47. Commodity management software developer, abbr.

48. Six ring Chicago duo, list the GOAT second

51. Pizza company that doesn’t cut corners

52. Slang term for an opioid

53. Dynamic duo counterpart to John Wall

55. Software spreadsheet producer

59. What you would call Iceland’s Euro cup win over England

63. A line of electricity

64. Comedy central duo behind “substitute teacher” and “East-West bowl”

66. Next year’s Super Bowl

67. Oldest member of the Ritz brothers comedy team

68. Agency behind the Apollo missions, abbr.

69. Energy saving light source, abbr.

70. Fly that carries sleeping sickness

71. ___ leches cake


1. Spanish mother, informally

2. Dry, with minimal precipitation

3. An unconscious giveaway in poker

4. “The Dream” for Houston

5. An organization that plans transportation policy in an urban area, abbr.

6. Northeast Indian kingdom

7. How you clean up leaves

8. Terror organization that claims itself as a worldwide caliphate

9. Also known as a teeter-totter

10. Donkey

11. You can’t grow ______ unless you bury a ___

12. Entered the world

13. For example, “What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.”

18. “Rocky” spinoff starring Michael B. Jordan

22. To run away before your vows is to leave someone here

24. Test to enter law school, abbr.

26. Ravens telecast abbr.

27. Dramatize, hype

28. Someone from Muscat

29. 1980 Winter Olympics

30. Stadium, sports venue

31. 37th president of the United States

32. Lavished praise upon

33. Second largest metropolitan area in Japan

34. “Memento” and “Dark Knight” directors: the ____ brothers

39. Kick someone out of school

41. San Joaquín airport code

44. Crude teddy bear

46. Absorb liquid

49. Fictional books

50. Express regret for sins or crimes

53. Common sports homecoming ask: “Let’s have a ____ at homecoming?”

54. Fourth largest Great Lake

56. Australian lake spelled similarly to 54 down, but much smaller

57. Tech school in Alberta, Canada, abbr.

58. They go marching one by one

60. A way of cooking salmon

61. “Do it or ____”

62. Sri Lanka’s largest export

64. Kit’s counterpart

65. The letter “s” in Cyrillic script

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