Boys volleyball falls to Wootton 3–0

By Daniel Weber

[score id=”49297″ align=”right”] The boys volleyball team (1–2) suffered a sizable loss Thursday, falling in straight sets to the Wootton Patriots.

The Vikes, plagued by inconsistent hits and serves, relinquished the first set 25-9. They recovered as the game progressed, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Patriots from taking the next two sets handily 25–12 and 25–11.

“They are a very good team and were able to more consistently get good passes and good sets,” setter Stefan Greenberg said.

The team’s lack of consistency was not entirely unexpected, given their limited practice time.

“We haven’t practiced together all that much,” Greenberg said. “So we don’t have the chemistry of knowing exactly where people pass and where people set.”

Additionally, most of the players have little to no experience playing volleyball.

“We have a lot of new volleyball players, kids where this is their second or third game in their entire life,” volleyball coach John Floyd said. “It’s always a learning process.”

As the team gains experience and chemistry, the players believe the team’s play will improve, Greenberg said.

“We don’t have a lot of experience on our team,” Greenberg said. “Once we get used to the flow of the game, we will definitely get a lot better.”

The Vikes will face Walter Johnson on Monday at 5:30.