Boys volleyball defeats Springbrook 3–1

By Daniel Weber

[score id=”49239″ align=”right”] Boys volleyball (1–1) triumphed 3–1 over the Springbrook Blue Devils (1–1) Tuesday, earning their first win of the season.

The return of multiple players from the talent show sparked an improved team performance after suffering a season opening loss to Poolesville March 21.

“Having back some key players such as Stefan Greenberg really provided some strong leadership for the team and helped us succeed in the game,” defender Kueho Choi said.

The steady leadership presence helped the players keep their composure throughout the game and adapt to the opponents when certain strategies weren’t working.

“We learned from our mistakes pretty well,” setter Stefan Greenberg said. “Whenever the other team would go on a run, we would figure out what went wrong and make the adjustment.”

Although the game wasn’t a nail-biter, it provided an opportunity for the Vikings to figure out what to focus on in the future.

“We definitely have to reinforce the fundamentals again before the next game,” Choi said. “I hope that we can have some scrimmages or simulated game situations so we can build some more team chemistry.”

The Vikings will host the Wootton Patriots April 7 at 3:45.