Softball starts off season with 11–6 win over Seneca Valley

By Michael Gorman

[score id=”49037″ align=”right”] In their opening game, the softball team dismantled the Seneca Valley Eagles by a score of 11–6. The Vikes dominated, with freshman pitcher Riley Kuehn holding down the opposing hitters for the full nine innings.

If Kuehn was nervous about her first game in a Viking uniform, she didn’t show it, controlling the Seneca lineup with ease.

“Our youngest member, freshman Riley Kuehn, pitched the entire 7 innings and did an amazing job; she was consistent and showed a great amount of versatility,” outfielder Genevieve Anderson said.

On offense, the Viking entire lineup contributed, but outfielder Lauren Evoy shined with a triple that opened the game up for the Vikings in the second inning.

“Up and down the line up bats were hot and no one outshined another,” infielder Jenny Williams said. “However Lauren Evoy crushed a triple in the second inning to get us into a rally and take the lead.”

The Vikings are already looking forward to their next game at home this Wednesday against Poolesville.

“Next game, we want to keep up this streak and play that game with the same dedication and skill as we played this one,” Anderson said.