Softball downed 11–1 to RM in second round of playoffs

By Michael Gorman

[score id=”44902″ align=”right”] Softball was taken down by the Richard Montgomery Rockets, 11-1, ending their playoff run.

The Vikes lost to the Rockets earlier in the season, 12-2, so the Vikes entered the game knowing they had a tough task ahead.

Pitcher Lauren Furst couldn’t subdue the powerful bats of a Rocket team that went 14-3 during the regular season.

“They got a bunch of very hard hits against off Lauren,” shortstop Elena Kozak said. “There wasn’t much our fielders could do against the bigs hits.”

On top of barrage of hard hits the Vikings took, errors also played a big role in the loss.

“Other than that, a big part of why we lost was off errors. Turning a bunt into a triple, not catching easy fly balls, and not knowing what you are going to do on the play is unacceptable, Kozak said. “RM is definitely the better team, but there is no excuse as to why we lost the way we did.”