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Girls softball falls to BCC 8–1 in Battle of Bethesda
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LIVE: Boys Lacrosse takes on Churchill

LIVE: Boys Lacrosse takes on Churchill

April 8, 2024

Viking Vogue: How to find the perfect pair of shorts

Spring has finally sprung. To go along with the sunshine and flowers emerging this month, it’s time for shorts to emerge from your closet again. But with so many different styles, it can be hard to know what’s appropriate for different situations, outfits and body types. Here are some general tips to help you look great while enjoying – or enduring – the heat.

Classic cut-offs: This style has been around for decades, and with good reason. They’re the most economical shorts out there, because you can easily make them yourself. Take an old pair of jeans, maybe ones that are an awkward length or have paint on the bottom, or a pair found at a thrift store.

Put them on and take a pen or pencil and draw a line around the jeans at a length you think would look best on you. Give about a half inch lee-way because they will fray and become a little shorter. Then, take them off and cut along the marked line, and you’ve got a new pair of shorts. You could also try cuffing them for a different look. This style looks great on anyone because you control the length, and you already know that they fit from their long-jean days.

High-waisted: Recently these jean shorts are all over the place, making a comeback from the ‘90’s. This style is tricky because you want them to button across your natural waistline, but also make sure they aren’t baggy or too short. Some girls find a pair that really emphasizes their small waist, but reveal a little too much in the back.

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To help with general fit, try to buy a pair that’s made out of a stretchier denim, almost like jeggings, to make sure they cling to your legs and don’t allow any unwanted sneak peaks. Also, depending on what look you’re going for, a darker wash is generally better. Darker washes create a slimmer look, and help you look more sophisticated and stylish instead of a modern-day Daisy Duke.

Colorful or printed shorts: Every girl needs at least one pair of these. Walking through any of the popular stores at Montgomery Mall, there are so many different colors and patterns to chose from that you’re sure to find a pair that fit well and give you confidence. There’s something undeniably fun about stepping out of the regular denim-short comfort zone and spicing it up.

Patterned shorts look good on everyone. If your body type is heavier on the top go for a bold big print to bring the attention lower and balance you out. Similarly, if you’re heavier on the bottom then pick a more detailed and refined sprint to add something different to your everyday look but also avoid drawing too much attention where you don’t want it.

Athletic shorts: The classic running shorts are great for hikes, runs or beaches in the summer – but some people feel that wearing them to school is a way of “giving up” on fashion. This is false. Every girl has those days when she’s tired or sore or has a stomach ache, and just isn’t about that zipper-and-button life.

You can totally organize a fun sporty outfit around athletic shorts; it doesn’t mean you’ve given up. Recent trends in work-out wear include lots of neon colors they make a great contrast if you’re even remotely tan. And you don’t have to have the Lululemon or Under Armour logo to get cute ones — Target and Macy’s have women’s athletic sections, and Forever 21 has an exercise line as well. It’s simple to make the athletic look work, and you’ll use the pieces all summer to stay fit or stay cool.

Bringing out your shorts for the season is a momentous occasion. Make your shorts season count with a variety of styles, colors, cuts and occasions – but don’t sacrifice fit for style. It’s always better to go for a simple pair of jean shorts that you know you rock than to follow trends and wear a print that’s too loud and barely covers anything. If you follow the guidelines above, you’re sure to have fun in the sun with some functional and flattering shorts.

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