Senior Ari Mandler earns opportunity to research in Israel

By Carolyn Freeman

Senior Ari Mandler was selected in a competitive scholarship competition to research at the Technion University in Haifa, Israel, this summer.

Mandler conducts research at NIH. He recently won a scholarship to research in Israel. Photo courtesy Ari Mandler.

Mandler is one of 37 students across the world who will travel to the Technion for three weeks this summer.

He hopes to work in the faculties of medicine, biology and chemistry, which will allow him to pursue research similar to his current work at the National Institutes of Health.

“I’m looking to do something with medicine,” Mandler said. “I know it’s a great opportunity to continue my research in a cancer-related field.”

The DC chapter of the American Technion Society, which provides support for the university in Israel,awards scholarships to three students. Mandler heard about the scholarship though his guidance counselor.

“The scholarship covers everything from tuition and airfare to health insurance and meals,” Mandler said. “It’s very extensive which is why it’s so competitive.”