National News Roundup: Super Bowl edition

By Carolyn Freeman

In this edition of the National News Roundup, Beyoncé confesses about her lip-syncing at the inauguration and then stuns America during her Superbowl halftime performance.

Baltimore Ravens win Superbowl despite Superdome power outage
The twitterverse erupted after the power went out during the third quarter and caused a lengthy delay in the game. Many created joke reasons for the outage, blaming CBS, Pepco and even Bane. Read more here.

Alabama hostage situation over after weeklong standoff
Earlier in the week, a man stormed an Alabama school bus, killed the driver, and took a five year old boy hostage. Authorities say that the boy, who has Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD, was being held in an underground bunker. On Monday, law enforcement officials reported that the kidnapper had been killed and the child was safe. Read more here.

White House releases skeet shooting photo
Press Secretary Jay Carney tweeted the photo in response to opponents of gun-control. In an interview with The New Republic earlier in the week, President Obama said that he shoots skeet “all the time.” The photo was taken this summer at Camp David. See the picture here.

Boy Scouts vote to allow LGBT troop members
The national organization will vote soon on a measure that would allow local chapters to add rules prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. Presently, gays and lesbians are not allowed to participate in Boy Scouts, an aspect that was criticized by both President Obama and Mitt Romney during the presidential election. Read more here.

Beyoncé confesses that she lip-synced at the inauguration
In response to conflicting reports about her performance of the national anthem, Beyoncé admitted that she sang with a pre-recorded track due to the weather. This is not the first time that a musician has recorded a performance for the inauguration: in 2008, neither cellist Yo-Yo Ma nor violinist Itzhak Perlman played live. Read more here.