Hey, Whitman! Can we go thrift shopping?

By Carolyn Freeman

This Sunday, Whitman had its very own thrift shop. The Give Us Your Stuff (G.U.Y.S.) Club, started this year by juniors Amanda Azmi and Julia Greenberg, teamed up with the Leadership class to kick off Leukemia & Lymphoma month with an indoor yard sale on Jan. 27. The new event raised over $3000.

Parents and neighbors browse through the offerings at the school yard sale Sunday. The sale, hosted by the G.U.Y.S. club, is the first of its kind at Whitman. Photo by Abigail Cutler.

Community parents, neighbors, students and young children milled about the Whittier Woods Auditorium from 1 to 4 p.m. as they sifted through clothing, jewelry, CDs, home appliances, decorations and even some old-school VHS cassettes.

Many students, including senior Taylor Sheldon, brought their whole families along to the sale.

“My brother got a full new set of hockey pads for six dollars and I got a pair of shoes for fifty cents,” Sheldon said. “It was great to see so many people, both from Whitman and from the community, pitching in by buying and selling items.”

The event was part of SGA president Jacob Rosenblum’s goal this year to extend fundraising beyond just Whitman students.

“We relied too heavily on the Whitman population last year,” Rosenblum said. “We want to reach out to people other than just students.”

Rosenblum pitched the idea for a school-wide yard sale in his campaign speech last year. He asked Azmi and Greenberg to run the yard sale because it corresponds with their club’s goals.

“We realized this year in Leadership that we didn’t have the manpower to run the sale ourselves,” Rosenblum said. “It’s beneficial for Amanda and Julia because whatever we don’t sell we’re giving away to charity, which is their club goal.”

Azmi thought of the idea for the club at the beginning of this school year. She paired up with Greenberg to create an organization that facilitated charitable donations of families’ unwanted belongings.

“We know that a lot of people have stuff just lying around in their house,” Greenberg said. “It’s so easy. It’s a way to get their old stuff to someone who needs it.”

The G.U.Y.S. club has already organized a gently used clothing drive, and they plan to donate all of the items to the Salvation Army. Azmi hopes the club will be able to host many more charity events in the future.

“There aren’t that many clubs at Whitman that deal with charity,” Azmi said. “We wanted to make a club that would continue to have meetings and actually go further and actually install all of these fundraisers and projects.”