Whitman parent Paul Krush (left) aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Suez Canal in July of 1993. (Photo courtesy Paul Krush)
Whitman parent Paul Krush (left) aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Suez Canal in July of 1993.

Photo courtesy Paul Krush

Veteran families find community in Bethesda

January 30, 2020

Whitman parent veterans have completed years of rigorous training, been stationed across the world and formed lifelong relationships with fellow servicemen. When three veterans reflected on their time in the military, they kept thinking back to the communities that supported them during their time in service: their families.

Fifty-six percent of enlisted military personnel in the U.S. are married, and 36% of those married members have children while they’re still active duty members, according to America’s Promise Alliance.

“When we talk about being in the Army, we should talk about the families in the Army, not the individual,” Colonel James McKee said.

In the D.C. area, many people work at the Pentagon or other government agencies, giving the area a “military town” atmosphere. Most people in the area are very supportive of those in the military or any government service jobs, Lieutenant Paul Krush said. This makes Bethesda a welcoming environment for military families, including the families of Krush, McKee and Colonel John Hackel.

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