Hell Week

November 19, 2019

On Sunday, the first day of “hell week,” the cast ran through musical numbers onstage backed by the pit orchestra for the first time. They then ran the full show with lights, costumes, orchestra, microphones and props. 

The empty stage from two months ago had transformed into the bustling city of Paris. When the actors rehearsed before the run through, the only light in the auditorium streamed through the stained glass windows onstage, outlining their silhouettes. The hum of strings and wind instruments filtered through the floor, and the deep sound of the choir filled the room. 

“Nowhere else that I’ve been has a pit orchestra,” Blanks said. The live music gives Blanks the freedom to make mistakes and properly deliver his lines, he said. 

During hell week, rehearsals run until 8:30 p.m.. The biggest difficulty during hell week for Blanks is balancing school and the show, especially now that he’s the lead, he said.

“A lot of the teachers are pretty good about accommodating for this upcoming week because the week of the show is hectic, and they know that,” Blanks said.

From weekend rehearsals to memorizing lines, dances and music, the show is a big time commitment. But for the cast and crew, it’s worth it. 

“I’ve liked seeing everything come together,” Chen said. “From the ideas to the lights and the sets and stuff moving. It’s just really cool to see how Ian’s ideas and our ideas have come to life.”

Adrian Knappertz
The cast photo at Hell week.
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