Kid Ink drops “Missed Calls” as a comeback

Kid Ink released a 7-track EP “Missed Calls” Dec. 14 that features artists like Rich The Kid and Lil Wayne. His last full album “Full Speed” was released Dec. 2015, and it had major hits like “Hotel” featuring Chris Brown and “Body Language” featuring Usher and Tinashé. With such popular songs on his previous albums, “Missed Calls” was definitely a letdown. Kid Ink’s fans had high hopes for the new music, but after waiting nearly four years for a full album, only receiving seven tracks was definitely a disappointment.

Brian Todd Collins, better known as Kid Ink, confessed that after a quiet year, he “wanted to make sure [he] came correct before [he] dropped,” meaning he wanted this EP to be one for the books. Though the tracks aren’t bad, few are particularly catchy or artistically driven enough to be noteworthy.

“No Budget,” featuring Rich the Kid, has been the most well-received song on the album. It was released before the EP, which helped the song gain exposure and popularity early on. However, the popular hook line “V12 bust it / AP bust it / Ain’t no budget / Money talk, money talk / End of discussion (Bust it)” is lyrically boring and sounds like many other poorly written rap songs.

“Yuso,” another single off the EP, is inappropriate and demeaning to women. In the first line of Lil Wayne’s verse, he says “I like a plastic slut,” among many other degrading phrases. But, “Yuso” has grown to be one of the more popular songs off the EP, as it aligns with many messages modern rap culture promotes.

As much as I love Kid Ink, this 22-minute EP doesn’t even last a long car ride. Hopefully, his next release shows serious improvement, or he may fall off the charts for good.


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